II​/​IV: Little Green Apples

by The Kid Nicky Halt

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released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


The Kid Nicky Halt Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Water & Sunlight
All my life
The one chance that I get.

This is the moment I live for the vision was all for I’m taking it in.

Stood in a room of my peers and i felt what was coming now i know you feel it.

Erupting within us now this is all in for the city.

We had to be all in and now that I’m all alone there ain't a more perfect time to go get it & although I know I am not alone in this

I prefer to write by myself.

Cuz will they get it only time might tell

Studied everyone in the city who even dropped a track last year.

I know everyone can’t make it.

Artist circles to the max out here so you don’t get a pass out here just might not last out here.

Now i look out in the faces

All my life i was waiting on this

prayed, meditated on this

not taken for granted I’m blessed, but the same time cursed by this weight I might not have my person again.

but no time to hurt though at the same time i just think i need to be alone….

at the same time… theres no time to hurt so…

I am not taking this lightly

There aint no question where Im gonna be.

Hands where the sky is….

Ya’ll know what i wanna see.

Everybody go live

What up kansas city.

Fuck with my energy

Fuck all that bullshit we live like its meant to be,

Check out the history 18th and vine up to tech

Bro we eat in the midwest I carry traditions and handle that business like

Ball security’s job security isn’t it 5.

Isn’t the vibe and and scene that we put back in the city live.

Killa city kill everything in sight.

This is my place and this what made me feel I waited on this my whole life.

This is the moment that I’ve been waiting on to see.
Track Name: WSIAW
Who say I aint working

I don’t really gotta prove shit

maybe my 28th tape will be the one to fucking get um.

I been listening to other shit but I don’t really feel it

Ima keep a small circle of artists I know that kills shit

i promise i always come with real shit..

Cuz I don’t play that & Kansas city doesn’t play that.

Ima kill this shit for certain Ima saiyin I’m just slayin the shit the around me

Anybody working with purpose gone think twice about the shit they say around me

I’m brilliant and I’m innovative. Feelin invigorated bout this takin shit and killing

Waiting working I'll do anything but play around brush.

And if I’m coming through your shit then turn the sound up.

Who say I aint working?


Used to see me rollin up but now I’m barely showin up.

Not many that can go with us. They aint fuckin with a poet cause I’m less about the lines and I be all about the soul

I put the energy into it thats apparent i just get it til over

I’ma say it all again until i know I’m not the chosen one.

Aint no quitting and til I get that moment metanoia

Its like every time I get into it.

And I step up to it its like man he better do it.

I feel like aint too many better to then…

Twenty-four and Ima ride the shit into a million

Not mention how I’m on my mission

Ninety-nine on my elusiveness I’m more than movement…

No one fuck around and kill this shit quite like the kid did

Aint no telling how I'll do it. Tell me I won’t ever lose. Tell me I aint here to prove the shit

Who say i aint working?

I was listening to other shit but I didn’t really feel it

I was searching for some meaning I aint get it

I was thirsting I was sipping it was getting dry.

i swear to god that i could only fuck with K.R.I.T.
and anybody else would fuckin get it.

Who say i aint working, anyone who aint about it probably aint working

I aint close to being done putting this work in

you’ll be asking if I got a place for you to work in.

I swear to god that they don’t hear me thats the worst shit.

thats the thing about music that has always irked me

Cause rap is fuckin trash and I aint here to see it.

I aint comin in here with no reason I’m bout that work man

Who say i aint working…

i was listening to other shit but i didn’t really feel it

i was searching for some meaning I aint get it

I was thirsting

I was sipping

Wasn’t getting high off it like it i used to there was something missing from their verses I could never find it.

I'm a silhouette, resonant of the weight upon me.

There's no benefit to this hate around me

Throwing shade isn't anything when I'm in the state you found me.

Don't come with blank sentiments don't count me in them when the ones who doubted me are so about it.

Time to derail it, I don't fail, Im a king with this rapping.

I'll probably kill the game I don't feel it aint no one thats coming off the page like I'm walking off it.

When I hop on the stage and I snap the shit off it I'm stalking the shit and Im talking to it.

Sizing up what up bout to do and I come to a new high as I consume it.

Go ahead and tell um life's a bitch cuz bro thats how we do it.

We only got one life to live lets get it til that inconsistent shit is non existent.

Who say I aint working?
Track Name: Tom Petty Feat. Kiiing Jones
Im the kid like shod

Everything you tryna get I got

You might never see the shit like I

Might never meet a chick like mine.

Thats the difference Ima get it you gone sit there and try

In my city we don’t stop on some god shit.

Got my whole city popping on my Nas shit

A poet well aware of where the top is.

Roddy got these hoes sipping topless..

In a city where the stovetop where the rocks is, Methtropolis.

Middle of the map where my profits is.

Whole team make it a smoke route going to cop a fifth.

Tore up already. I am not steady. Say i look like Charlie Hunnam bitch I feel like Tom Petty.

I’m just levitating to the max

I’m just meditating to the max

I’m just elevating to the max.

Send all of the haters to the back in the back
Track Name: Queen Seneca Feat. Clark Rooseveltte
Everything I got

Pacing through my home racing in my thoughts

Angry for what, inside I’m locked in…Feeling a lot. Deal with a lot

Many emotions. Reeling from doubt

Cotton mouth, Eyes dry, contact falling out.

High as fuck dealing is all it is now…I'm hung over.

Too much energy wasted still whats closure?

I been struggling.

Plenty women would fuck with him, But not in love with them.

My emotions deny advances and comforting.

I walk away thats way different than running isnt it?

Fuck love.. Im exploding. Punch drunk. Spun in my room alone

Numbed up. A demon. Exalted from my legion.

My open lesions ooze hope. My blues evoke masterpieces.

The truest poem. Will it go unnoticed?

Am i so small swimming into this ocean?

Am i so called living if i do make it?

I remember wanting things to stay the same is what I was hoping.

When i role call will the homies be vacant?

Realize big moves take time, Realize right moves take mind

Its instrumental.

Life is moving quick. This is the window if ima do it that ima do it in.

Its that simple.

Lead melts at the end of my pencil

I plot advanced moves And roll with conviction.

Its bout your mental. Keep it sharp like a gensu

See the potential. When people walk out of your life its cuz they’re meant to.

How dare you step out of my light.

I’m the one that gets you.

Since day one i would give you my heart and somehow i still do.

Separation anxiety.

Recluse again away from society

Fuck the oustide and fuck sobriety.

I hate that pain is the only thing that turns to light in me

Scared my lane is why I’m left with no one on the side of me.

This world is reckless aint no love as far as i can see

And peace is something I no longer think of it.

But i dreamed of, Maybe i should sleep.

Like how long can I feel this way?

One last sip off of my bottle

Then its off in the whip and I’m the pilot.

I know I’m wrong for this shit but I’m just vibing..

And screaming out can I live

I mean i rose from the dead.

just to be walking this land

here picking violets.

I’m picking peace not that I’m never picking violence.

I’m in the streets with people deserving of life sentences

But walk around freer than I am really…why am i repenting…

Like i was switching lives with them

I was fucking dying with um…

Both got this undying feeling.

The weight of killing resides in the killer.

The weight of these lines lies behind the eyes that invented um.

Take it deeper than I ever really intended but

When a killer needs fresh blood he’s out here plotting on a victim

With a constant system.

I come from a land of tradition.

State runs start with two a day conditioning.

Few miles east farms need tending then…

Few miles west streets never sleep And drama is never ending.

Gunshots up and down the hundred block

Front a couple zones get you out a rough spot. fuck the plug.

Fuck the streets that keep you struggling…

Dont wanna see you do nothin but stay stuck right where the fuck you is.

Aint no glory in the trap. gotta watch who you running with.

If they aint tryin to come up remain alone in your hustling.

They don’t wanna work stay alone and glo up through your struggling

Get the glory run the shit leave the city don’t know who they fuckin with.

Made a story, made kid. made man. playa shit. favorite. saying I don’t play
the shit no more I come to take the shit.

Like how long can I feel this way…?

I been bent about this music longer than I’ve made it.

I’m the type to get impatient i mean I been patient.

I been sweating how to make it in my head I been pacing.

They don’t see the process Halt whats the logic, couldnt understand what I’m plotting with an explanation

Thought id be apologetic. But I’m poetic goals and large dreams I gotta get it.

Like how long can i feel this way…?
Track Name: Indikurs Temple Feat. Jordyn Bjerken
Life itselfs an oddity.

There is not a thing you gotta be

Laying as you drifting off to sleep

Close your eyes as you picture the astronomy.

Search inside enough your bound to find some meaning in it.

Living in the moment isn’t always easy.

I find myself just tryna find the pieces.

The perfect one is not the part thats always needed.

Mindful matter is the only thing that I believe in.

Feelin like I kill myself by how I’m thinking.

Maybe i should push it all beneath me.

But senses of this earth just cannot portray more deeply

Simple as it is its like a fight for breathing.

When I find some balance its my life to keep it.

I just need some hope in life and now I’m kneeling.

Cannot settle just to find some peace I’m not conceiding.

Push until my heart can feel and mind can see I put myself in this position

Time to live out my decisions.

Looking back I’m proud of where I’m at now but now its time I’m leaving. this aint how a king lives. I need this.

I'm falling away from you

Grateful to be leaving with full intentions of coming back

I know it wasn’t always like this.

Typically you couldnt always trust in that.

Never seen again thats i always did it.

When your done with something leave it in the past was my mindset.

Thats how i see it in my vision..

But reaching back in time is crucial luckily i can see it in my head so vivid i relive it

Every sentence every second is a blessing its a gift and when i take it all for granted there nothing more emissive

Feelings and energy emitting just to feel it makes me wanna pop them pills again and send them to remission.

Fuck i hate the way I’m living now a change is needed.

Barely moving in a circle bro a pace is needed.

I can’t even face the mirror i hate to see it. this aint how a king lives, i need this, changing scenes again and leaving.

I'm falling away from you
Track Name: Dawn
I'm just falling down

And I don't know

Where to go

To find myself

But when I go inside.

It's peace in there.

And I'll be alright if I just sit in my room all night so stoned.

And this is my life I go in my mind.

I'll be all good if i sit here and right alone.

Chilling all night thats what I like

Playing those sounds and just vining so gone.

So I go inside.

I miss you.
Track Name: From Where The Spurs Play Feat. MabKc
I don’t think they really…

I don’t really think they get it.

Its about start to happen in my city..

I know who about to get it with me..

Everybody tryna be the king ask King Jones.

Grind hard mind hard thats how we roll

Get right gotta be throwed.

Live life, vibe out and be gone.

Thats just how the shit goes.

Man we all just wanna live life get right and try to be on..

I’m the kid so its hard to be grown..

When shits nearly legal it aint hard to be stoned..

At the end of the night it aint hard to be halt.

I go hard by default..

I’m taking the feeling back.

Say she digging each syllable and I’m feeling that.

She see the work i put in it

She wish she got the same attention that I’m giving that.

Wants me to feel her the way I’m feeling the beat.

Wants me to kill it the way we kill in these sheets.

We’ll make a killing and chill out life is the weekend.

I’m tryna tell you girl we grind and do anything.

They don’t do how it we did it i don’t really think they get it mommy.
Track Name: Counting Stars Feat. J-Rod & Romiiie Rome
No use in constantly wondering if they feel me

I just live it like i need someone constantly filming

Shout the young snare all my loving to the steel strings.

Ima young bear. ask someone about the trill, you aint, seeing much demi god.

Seat yourself w me dogs.

Hit this green gently bra

While i rock like iggy pop.

32 ounce muddy cups? I’m more intrigued w muddy blunts.

And primos than sipping cough. tryna trip the longest. get real

Step close and get your fill. Green come from a field.

Meadow below a hill. Catch the feels look on your face

Hits like a pill no Sub in for the real

Guitar strings are to heal folks.

I put the addressed Beat to REST so press play

Flow switch set you back in your seat with no hesitation

Wheres the paint. Put the canvas on the easel.

In life you get no redos, Same shit with this art.

If i die tomorrow. Still speak to you.

I just hope my last message reaches houston, over out.

Crash landed and nice to meet you.

The Kid loved the people. We’ll bury him with some diesel.

Pour 40’s on the ground and bump the 420 supra sequel.

Bitch, hold up i aint ending i am just beginning.

I aint dead I’m a born to be legend.


Life is so sick

Day after yesterday might be so lit

I aint been able slow it down in a minute

I’m on my grind always a good time to get it
Track Name: No Love Feat. Trey Styles
Came up from a humble beginning to knowing nothing but getting it.

Gave a hundred percent of himself to what he chasing.

And they would love him for giving it.

He was troubled that was definite

But love to see him winning And the sum of the affection.

Was in part why he living. All the days i thought of ending it

I remember my people. I begin to treat my body like a temple ..

But with a chimney, I was looking out the window

Thinking good god i see you..

Wasnt even asking for a redo. but i got it.

Couple more wishes in my pocket for a rainy day.

Cuz i know that I’m need it.

But aint concerned about it anyway.

Focused on the one I’m living.

Every minute isn’t promise

Working on the fundamentals.

Search inside its mostly mental.

People telling me i got it..

I’m just trying to work a vision..

When i came into this shit they didn’t know id be problem

No love

They don’t give credit for shit

So what..

They don’t like art no more

I’ma keep doing my thing.

too, for.

I’m keep doing my thing

too, for

tell me you don’t feel that shit…..

I’ll tell you where I’m going to and what for.

Before i tell you that heres whats important.

A couple guildines do not ignore this shit..

It starts in the morning..remind yourself its all about endurance.

Second make moves with a purpose

I can’t even tell you what the third is.

I’m going to top of this shit for the glory.

I can’t even say how bad i want it. Fuck marry murder shit

And kinda feeling murderous

Brace yourself. I’m talking brackets like a tournament

Rappers can’t face themselves and I reflect greatness so they turn to me.

I’m the one they hated but they learned to love..

I can be your tourniquet

Look at whats in front of me.

To walk away now would have me looking like I’m giving up.

Subject to judgment but clearly i don’t give a fuck.

When i came into this shit they didn’t know id be a problem
Track Name: Back In The Day
They don’t say too much to us..

I guess they really don’t like me in end thats probably it

Aint too many real mfs like it was.

Back in the day…

They don’t really say too much to us

Probably a good reason, prolly catch that whole body like sativas

Saw me hit the home stage and they rushed it.

Mab kill the beat, bag it and he crushed it.

Finding out timing is minimal.

Everything minor been critical

Never decide to be typical

All of my empathy almost was killing me. all of that turns out to be why I’m cynical.

And why I put on a clinical. Every reaction’s so pivotal

All of that hate probably gon be the end of you….

At 8 i saw the turn of a millennium

At 12 i would jump in that pool at cenntintieal

16 i hopped in the whip and i disappeared.

At 20 i put out sparrows and 420 supra

Now i bring II/IV and bet you know what it is i bet know thats my flow you could pick out a line up.

I been saying more than i want it right now I’m the definition of know when your timing is

All of feelings ill hurt along the way i give my prior apologies.

Except to those mufcukas who doubt me. enemies and friends alike. lack of support is the same.

Disrespectful ass people. non art loving ass people.

Listen to that garbage ass people.

They don’t say to much to us.

…..so s/o to my loyal ass people…

because without y’all aint as meaningful…

They don’t really say too much to us

Probably a good reason, prolly catch that whole body like sativas

I’m just tryna give um something they can fuck with…

Mab killed the beat, bagged it and he crushed it.

They don’t say too much to us..

I guess they really don’t like me in end thats probably it

aint too many real mfs like it was.

back in the day..

Came up surprising 40 speed was unrivaled.

Seamless transition to music when that dream just went up in flames and died on him.

I was that kinda kid. A constant eye ball on him. All i know is ball on um

I aint average bob ima constant river of consciousness..

Its all in my conscience. Kid always been empathetic but emphatic , and ready to conquer shit.

Taking a minute to get a definitive grip on the sentiment eminent energy emitted infinite.

Incidents brought me to begin this trip again.

Im not the same I’m a synonym.

Similar meaning but almost never in definition.

Feel like I’ve died and i live again.

But this time my only interest is in this mission.

And not to mention.

Making plays for position

Using this leverage where it exists.

Who your favorite rapper kutty kill um in a second..

Who your favorite rapper tiny kill um in a second.

Dessed to the nines boy

Turn that over sixes in my eyes boy

Bring the flame endless in your direction they know

They don’t really say too much to us

Probably a good reason, prolly catch that whole body like sativas

I’m just tryna give um something they can fuck with…

They don’t say too much to us..

I guess they really don’t like me in end thats probably it

Aint too many real mfs like it was.

Back in the day..

So for the people that know me put yourself in my position.

You know how I’ve always did it.

Try to name a time you saw me make someone a victim except William White

And i was playing when i snapped you with that rubber band i know your mom made you tell.

I wonder where these people are now….

Where the fuck is Joe Constanza??

I wonder about my teachers.

Mrs. Mckay and Montee

Coach Johnson my principals.

That was years ago. I still live in those times. I still didn’t know in those times..

I’m the same kid in my mind..

I went to school with King Osiris

Look at two people finding the same path from different roads.

But both took the scenic. Both took the dream route.

Most people don’t even get it. most people don’t see this shit or what goes in between it the shit aint easy.

Exposing ourselves to these same people opinions whats the meaning…

I live it and love it I’m known in the public my people that get it the reason I hustle, the green in the duffle.

I live for the lights, the cities the shuffle, the shows the people that know, the people that saying we run it.

They know me from songs and other than that they know nothing.

I trust them.

I know their opinion of me is a just one.

Yo if you need a rider well then ima be your plus one.

Come and sit beside give me something i puff on.

Tell me all your stories and the dreams that you get drunk on.

I hope my music straight up hits you like a love song.

I hope you bump this when you feel like all the lucks gone

Then I hope we play this when we get the fuck on.
Track Name: Little Slow
I have plenty decisions in my face but which way do i

but which way do i, but which way do i take.

I cannot waste time. i can’t wait. I was putting my faith all in my fate.

I was just waiting on it, pacing myself. not racing my self

Looking at how far that i came….

And the sound that i created

Bro i put that on my name.

The shit make is innovative.

To the game right now

And the reals ones in love with me.

The loyal ones could take me to the top.

Those the only ones that coming with me.

Before anyone was fucking w with me

Select few giving me props Knew i was two four fore it dropped.

I aint close but I’m trended towards the top

In the end i wasn’t given many options.

i got this..

The kid nicky halt.

Woke up with you on my mind again.. At 7:00 on the dot again.

One of those things i gotta get. You are one of those things i gotta.

I cannot waste time i can’t… I have plenty decisions in my face

But which way do i

But which way did time go?

Everything that made me put ink on my soul.

Nobody gives a fuck what you on. Gotta get it on your own

Realizing that I’m alone was the best thing they never told me.

Now I’m looking at the bottom of a oz. Picking out the shake,

Wishing i was staring at the ocean. Toasting big bro hicks with my mosa

Slick Rick got the potion. we should toast one.

To the motions. And we grown up.

That devotion. w my real ones.

Got me choked up. and it aint over.

Bout to blow up. Every day its one day closer to this music i woke up

Woke up with you on my mind again.. at 7:00 on the dot again.

One of those things i gotta get.

You are one of those things i gotta.

I cannot waste time i can’tt…

I have plenty decisions in my face

But which way do i....

Im so lost

In my own mind

Time goes onnn.

But i don’t want to do this on my own..

Im so lost.
Track Name: Release My Arrow Feat. Tiny & Kuttybear
One last time, just let it rip.

Know that you vibe to that shit

Hope that you ride to that shit


Kickin his way through that door.

Hip toss the way they get throwed.

Know by the way that he roll.

Bro i been on from the jump.

Reppin that mo.

The way that i grind aint no resting at all.

Shout out the people that fuck w INSO

They don’t really want it w me.

I’m cool as long as art gang fucking w it.

Man s/o TNT. my whole city bout to get it.

Oh gad damn I really got a feeling.

i know some of yall can’t stand my shit.

Can’t even lie id be scared of my ceiling. from the outside in, i know they hope that i don’t reach it

but I’m bout to make a killing bro I’m destined for a reason. i was sent to straight up kill it I’m a menace i’ll admit it.

If you sleeping i aint even trippin on it.

Ima carry on tradition. ima roll like a lieutenant, send ether like nas did.

Whip game like spitta in the ending.

Pimp game like krizzle in the ending

King Chip with my winnings in the ending

Im a great. don’t get made off your opinion.

Thats why they hate it

Understand y’all unable to see the vision

24 season cycle in my mental

Broke and life is in division.

All i got is tiny i aint talking bout little.

To the legends before me i promise this is not the end of that true shit.

Its a culture shift more than a movement.

Time to work be obsessed with improvement.

In the end i got nothing to lose this is it.