No Love Feat. Trey Styles

from by The Kid Nicky Halt

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Produced By MabKc


Came up from a humble beginning to knowing nothing but getting it.

Gave a hundred percent of himself to what he chasing.

And they would love him for giving it.

He was troubled that was definite

But love to see him winning And the sum of the affection.

Was in part why he living. All the days i thought of ending it

I remember my people. I begin to treat my body like a temple ..

But with a chimney, I was looking out the window

Thinking good god i see you..

Wasnt even asking for a redo. but i got it.

Couple more wishes in my pocket for a rainy day.

Cuz i know that I’m need it.

But aint concerned about it anyway.

Focused on the one I’m living.

Every minute isn’t promise

Working on the fundamentals.

Search inside its mostly mental.

People telling me i got it..

I’m just trying to work a vision..

When i came into this shit they didn’t know id be problem

No love

They don’t give credit for shit

So what..

They don’t like art no more

I’ma keep doing my thing.

too, for.

I’m keep doing my thing

too, for

tell me you don’t feel that shit…..

I’ll tell you where I’m going to and what for.

Before i tell you that heres whats important.

A couple guildines do not ignore this shit..

It starts in the morning..remind yourself its all about endurance.

Second make moves with a purpose

I can’t even tell you what the third is.

I’m going to top of this shit for the glory.

I can’t even say how bad i want it. Fuck marry murder shit

And kinda feeling murderous

Brace yourself. I’m talking brackets like a tournament

Rappers can’t face themselves and I reflect greatness so they turn to me.

I’m the one they hated but they learned to love..

I can be your tourniquet

Look at whats in front of me.

To walk away now would have me looking like I’m giving up.

Subject to judgment but clearly i don’t give a fuck.

When i came into this shit they didn’t know id be a problem


from II​/​IV: Little Green Apples, released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


The Kid Nicky Halt Kansas City, Missouri

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