Queen Seneca Feat. Clark Rooseveltte

from by The Kid Nicky Halt

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Produced By Seneca B


Everything I got

Pacing through my home racing in my thoughts

Angry for what, inside I’m locked in…Feeling a lot. Deal with a lot

Many emotions. Reeling from doubt

Cotton mouth, Eyes dry, contact falling out.

High as fuck dealing is all it is now…I'm hung over.

Too much energy wasted still whats closure?

I been struggling.

Plenty women would fuck with him, But not in love with them.

My emotions deny advances and comforting.

I walk away thats way different than running isnt it?

Fuck love.. Im exploding. Punch drunk. Spun in my room alone

Numbed up. A demon. Exalted from my legion.

My open lesions ooze hope. My blues evoke masterpieces.

The truest poem. Will it go unnoticed?

Am i so small swimming into this ocean?

Am i so called living if i do make it?

I remember wanting things to stay the same is what I was hoping.

When i role call will the homies be vacant?

Realize big moves take time, Realize right moves take mind

Its instrumental.

Life is moving quick. This is the window if ima do it that ima do it in.

Its that simple.

Lead melts at the end of my pencil

I plot advanced moves And roll with conviction.

Its bout your mental. Keep it sharp like a gensu

See the potential. When people walk out of your life its cuz they’re meant to.

How dare you step out of my light.

I’m the one that gets you.

Since day one i would give you my heart and somehow i still do.

Separation anxiety.

Recluse again away from society

Fuck the oustide and fuck sobriety.

I hate that pain is the only thing that turns to light in me

Scared my lane is why I’m left with no one on the side of me.

This world is reckless aint no love as far as i can see

And peace is something I no longer think of it.

But i dreamed of, Maybe i should sleep.

Like how long can I feel this way?

One last sip off of my bottle

Then its off in the whip and I’m the pilot.

I know I’m wrong for this shit but I’m just vibing..

And screaming out can I live

I mean i rose from the dead.

just to be walking this land

here picking violets.

I’m picking peace not that I’m never picking violence.

I’m in the streets with people deserving of life sentences

But walk around freer than I am really…why am i repenting…

Like i was switching lives with them

I was fucking dying with um…

Both got this undying feeling.

The weight of killing resides in the killer.

The weight of these lines lies behind the eyes that invented um.

Take it deeper than I ever really intended but

When a killer needs fresh blood he’s out here plotting on a victim

With a constant system.

I come from a land of tradition.

State runs start with two a day conditioning.

Few miles east farms need tending then…

Few miles west streets never sleep And drama is never ending.

Gunshots up and down the hundred block

Front a couple zones get you out a rough spot. fuck the plug.

Fuck the streets that keep you struggling…

Dont wanna see you do nothin but stay stuck right where the fuck you is.

Aint no glory in the trap. gotta watch who you running with.

If they aint tryin to come up remain alone in your hustling.

They don’t wanna work stay alone and glo up through your struggling

Get the glory run the shit leave the city don’t know who they fuckin with.

Made a story, made kid. made man. playa shit. favorite. saying I don’t play
the shit no more I come to take the shit.

Like how long can I feel this way…?

I been bent about this music longer than I’ve made it.

I’m the type to get impatient i mean I been patient.

I been sweating how to make it in my head I been pacing.

They don’t see the process Halt whats the logic, couldnt understand what I’m plotting with an explanation

Thought id be apologetic. But I’m poetic goals and large dreams I gotta get it.

Like how long can i feel this way…?


from II​/​IV: Little Green Apples, released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


The Kid Nicky Halt Kansas City, Missouri

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