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Produced By DreadAlGhul


Who say I aint working

I don’t really gotta prove shit

maybe my 28th tape will be the one to fucking get um.

I been listening to other shit but I don’t really feel it

Ima keep a small circle of artists I know that kills shit

i promise i always come with real shit..

Cuz I don’t play that & Kansas city doesn’t play that.

Ima kill this shit for certain Ima saiyin I’m just slayin the shit the around me

Anybody working with purpose gone think twice about the shit they say around me

I’m brilliant and I’m innovative. Feelin invigorated bout this takin shit and killing

Waiting working I'll do anything but play around brush.

And if I’m coming through your shit then turn the sound up.

Who say I aint working?


Used to see me rollin up but now I’m barely showin up.

Not many that can go with us. They aint fuckin with a poet cause I’m less about the lines and I be all about the soul

I put the energy into it thats apparent i just get it til over

I’ma say it all again until i know I’m not the chosen one.

Aint no quitting and til I get that moment metanoia

Its like every time I get into it.

And I step up to it its like man he better do it.

I feel like aint too many better to then…

Twenty-four and Ima ride the shit into a million

Not mention how I’m on my mission

Ninety-nine on my elusiveness I’m more than movement…

No one fuck around and kill this shit quite like the kid did

Aint no telling how I'll do it. Tell me I won’t ever lose. Tell me I aint here to prove the shit

Who say i aint working?

I was listening to other shit but I didn’t really feel it

I was searching for some meaning I aint get it

I was thirsting I was sipping it was getting dry.

i swear to god that i could only fuck with K.R.I.T.
and anybody else would fuckin get it.

Who say i aint working, anyone who aint about it probably aint working

I aint close to being done putting this work in

you’ll be asking if I got a place for you to work in.

I swear to god that they don’t hear me thats the worst shit.

thats the thing about music that has always irked me

Cause rap is fuckin trash and I aint here to see it.

I aint comin in here with no reason I’m bout that work man

Who say i aint working…

i was listening to other shit but i didn’t really feel it

i was searching for some meaning I aint get it

I was thirsting

I was sipping

Wasn’t getting high off it like it i used to there was something missing from their verses I could never find it.

I'm a silhouette, resonant of the weight upon me.

There's no benefit to this hate around me

Throwing shade isn't anything when I'm in the state you found me.

Don't come with blank sentiments don't count me in them when the ones who doubted me are so about it.

Time to derail it, I don't fail, Im a king with this rapping.

I'll probably kill the game I don't feel it aint no one thats coming off the page like I'm walking off it.

When I hop on the stage and I snap the shit off it I'm stalking the shit and Im talking to it.

Sizing up what up bout to do and I come to a new high as I consume it.

Go ahead and tell um life's a bitch cuz bro thats how we do it.

We only got one life to live lets get it til that inconsistent shit is non existent.

Who say I aint working?


from II​/​IV: Little Green Apples, released January 24, 2017



all rights reserved


The Kid Nicky Halt Kansas City, Missouri

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